Run for the fallen

by Christa Lollis

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A run for the fallen. In East Texas only went a few miles from the Nacogdoches court house to a Garrison cemetery where a local soldier is buried.

But across the country from California to Arlington Cemetery people ran to show their support. "It isn't out to make any big statement other than we support the men and women that are in the armed forces currently that have been in, that will be in and it's a way to pay our respects to the families," Nacogdoches Assistant Police Chief, Mike Kelly explained.

For the World War 2, Vietnam and Kuwait veterans that ran today in the local relay it was about honoring their fellow soldiers. Retired Marine, Dan Singletary said, "These are people here that really do care. They care about the active duty people because whenever they come out, they'll be just like us."

For others, it was about remembering a family member who never came back home. J.C. Fields, whose cousin died said, "I want to run for my cousin Travis for doing all his hard work in Iraq and all the troops he worked with and I want to show him some respect."

But it seemed no matter what the reason people participated, the message was the same across the board. "I think too much that our military is not always honored to the very best that it needs to but these men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice," Singletary explained.

And today, each runner, went down highway 21 displaying a picture of a soldier that didn't come home from the war in honor of them.