Back to school for LISD students

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - LISD has been preparing all summer for today, the kid's first day back.  Busses are in top shape, ready to roll, getting kids to school and back home again.

"We arrived safely, checked on all the campuses. Every child has had lunch, the two most important things. Our A/C's are working and by 8:30am we were holding class on every campus," says LISD Superintendent Roy Knight.

We visited Brandon Elementary, where Principal Kathy Jost says it was a great first day, despite some jitters.

"It's been calm. We've had quite a few parents enroll today, so there was a lot of traffic in the office. But by 9:30am everything cleared out and was normal."

Knight says that was the case for the entire district.

"It was a smooth day. Enrollment is where we were last year at this point, which is good.  We expect a few more after Labor Day for those taking extended vacations.  But overall, it was a good day at LISD," says Knight.

Assistant Principal Derrick James says the only issue at Brandon Elementary was during drop-off and pick-up, where there was a bit of a crowd.

"It went very smooth this morning. Traffic flow was constant. We prepared last week for crowding but it went very smooth," says James.

Knight says there are a lot more bus riders this year, which they expected with the high gas prices, but he wants even more to ride.

"What I really encourage parents to do is put their kids on the bus, particularly the older kids and high school kids. They're not too cool to ride the bus and they don't have to pay for gas. So put your kid on the bus!" says Knight.

LISD officials have high expectations for the year, but say they have no doubt their expectations will be met.

Knight says after the first two days, they will have enrollment established and move some teachers around if needed.