Early voting boxes in out lying areas likely

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Pending approval by the Secretary of State, early voting in Nacogdoches County will be more convenient.    Early voting signs will probably be posted at five additional locations around Nacogdoches County. The county commissioners gave the go ahead to set up satellite early voting sights in   Etoile, Martinsville, Cushing, Appleby and Stephen F Austin State University. At least two locations will be open per day during early voting. Election coordinator Debra Gaston explained,  " So that we can accommodate those voters and with our equipment and all which will cut down some of our costs of opening additional locations. "   It will take about $500 to run each of the sights. Sfa students thinks it's worth the money. Student Tennille Williams of Houston is registered in Nacogdoches County.  " It's more convenient, especially to students who don't have cars and being freshmen, being 18 and getting their first chance to vote, to be able to vote where you are. " While satellite locations will be open on only designated days, the courthouse annex will be open everyday to voters. Early voting begins October 20th.