City of Lufkin tax rate not expected to rise

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lucky for Lufkin citizens, the tax rate is not expected to go up this year.

"We are keeping the tax rate the same at .5554 cents per every hundred dollars. So if you have a $100,000 home, that's $554.00 a year."

Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker says some people may still be paying more for their property.

"If you've been reappraised, which is generally what hits most families, then you will have an increase."

Tax payer Howard Guidry says appraisals hardly ever go down.  "Most appraisals will go up and that's just more tax."

But most houses in Lufkin weren't appraised this year, because Parker says it's normally done about every three years.

"So for the most part people won't be looking at an increase?"  'Yeah, but if it is, it will be a very small one based on the appraised value.'"

In order to amend the tax rate, or even keep it the same, the city must hold public meetings to address concerns.

Evidently, not many citizens have questions, because none were at Tuesday's meeting.

Parker takes that to mean that most people are happy with the way the city is run.

"We're required by law to have several public hearings, to make sure they have a complete understanding of the budget and the tax rate.  On Sept. 2nd, it will be our last meeting on the budget and tax rate, and everything should be adopted at that council meeting," says Parker.

"Do you think the City of Lufkin, overall, is doing a good job?  'I think so. They are on a budget so they have to operate and people just have to cut back.'"

Those who are interested in seeing this year's budget or tax information can head to the City Secretary or City Manager's office for brief synopsis on this year's major changes and increases.

Water, sewer and solid waste rates will not go up this year, but citizens will no longer get trash bags for free.

Parker says by cutting that service, which costs $178,000, they can offset the cost of fuel and not raise rates to cover it.