Pancake Puffs: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell

Looking to energize your breakfast, maybe even dinner? Look no further than the latest "As Seen on TV" product. This week, East Texas News 9's oe Terrell puts the Pancake Puffs to the "Does It Work?" test.

"Add pizzazz to every meal," it says on the box.

With the Pancake Puffs you get a puff filling injector, a powdered sugar shaker--neither of significant quality. But the Puff pan, that's a different story. It's made of cast iron.

You get a padded handle holder for the pan and some chopstick-type things that you'll use to turn the puffs over in the pan.

Non-stick coating aside, the directions advise you to put a little oil in each of the pan's seven wells. The standard recipe calls for Bisquick buttermilk batter. We've pre-made ours.  And we've pre-heated the pan so we're ready to start puffin'.

The directions tell you to fill each well about three-quarters full with batter.

Our first batch did not turn out pretty.  Most of the damage came when we tried to turn the puffs over with those sticks.  They had stuck badly to the well and we had to tear them up to turn them.

We added more oil for the second batch.  Again, not pretty.

Finally, we decided to try one puff and really pay attention to detail.  We added more oil than we did with the first batch, but less than the second batch.  And we decided to fill the well only half-way.

Instant success.

We waited until there was a slight "skin" formed on the top of the batter.  We carefully stuck the chopstick between the pan and the puff and loosened it.  And it almost flipped over on its own.

Once we got the right mix of oil, batter and timing, we never messed up another puff.

We even started planting little smoky sausage halves inside.  They were great with pancake syrup.  We were also able to fill some with chocolate pudding using the supplied injector.

"Does It Work?"  It wasn't easy at first but persistence paid off.  We give the Pancake Puffs a yes.

We got Pancake Puffs at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Target carries it sometimes and it is available for order on the web.  It usually runs around $19.99.