Evacuee Preparation

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Local hotels may not have many people in rooms right now but in the next few days as Gustav gets further into the gulf the city is preparing for evacuees. "I would remind everybody that if they remember Rita and everybody coming in and we could expect several thousands people if we do have an evacuation situation," Assistant City Manager, Keith Wright explained.

Right now the city is in the information gathering stage but hotel manger Stephen Trotter explains that if their reservations are any indication the Lufkin area is going to get hit hard. Trotter says, "Travelers in the gulf area have booked all four hotels and the reservations are anywhere from three to four to five days arriving on Saturday."

They've already got their emergency plans out and ready to go. "If we experience anything similar to Katrina that we will have a check point at the entrance of all four hotels and only allow persons with reservations to enter the property," Trotter told the East Texas News.

The city is preparing for evacuees by putting shelters on notice and getting their emergency management operations ready. The Assistant City Manager says, "We're also getting ready to put in a request to the state operations center for supplies like cots, blankets, pillows, water, ice, food."

The city will continue to hold meetings during the next few days but is waiting to see where Gustav will make landfall and if East Texas will be affected.