Lots of coastal residents calling East Texas for a potential place to stay

The phones ring steadily at the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau. Most calls are from coastal residences. Their question: What's the room availability? the answer was,  " Right now, we're showing it's limited up until Sunday and then they're starting to book up really heavy on Monday, " said CVB employees.   And occasionally their needs are specific,with life sustaining importance. Director Melissa Sanford said,  " I had a call this morning, a gentleman's son is on dialysis, so he's looking not only for a hotel room, but also for a place his son can take dialysis."

Room reservation requests eventually reach the limit, there is a convenient resource that provides reassurance to the potential evacuee. Sanford said, " it's the TACVB, www.tacvbemergency.net is the Texas Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau. It has an emergency website and all of its members, which we are a member of, goes on it, updates their hotel room, so we can just look at the click of a button what other city's have. "

Meanwhile, the Nacogdoches County Exposition Center is receiving calls from people wanting to board their animals. As of yet the governor hasn't declared the facility as an animal re-location center, but just in case Judge Joe English explained,  " The expo at this time is already gearing up in anticipation to receive animals. "

Today emergency responders began a 120 hour countdown. Tomorrow morning an emergency preparedness meeting similar to previous drills. It also includes waiting. The county's emergency coordinator calls Saturday or Sunday decision day. Gustav's path will determine whether or not to set the plans into motion.