Biomass power plant, Nacogdoches Power on go

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Significant developments on the proposed biomass power plant in Nacogdoches County. The city of Austin unanimously agreed to buy power from the facility.   Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English got the news from a direct phone call from Austin's mayor. The plant will be built in Sacul in northern Nacogdoches County. Last week, leaders appeared before the Austin City Commission . With today's vote, the project's leader, Tony Callendrello can secure the financing for the $2.3 billion project right away. He anticipates ground breaking will be as early as February with the plant opening in 2012. Power will be generated from timber waste for the city of Austin.

Rep. Wayne Christian News Release

Center- Representative Wayne Christian announced today that the Austin City Council unanimously approved the $2.3 billion biomass power plant to be located in Sacul, Nacogdoches County.

Using wood waste as fuel, the 100-megawatt biomass plant would be the largest of its kind and operated by Nacogdoches Power LLC.

"I am very pleased that the 20 year contract was approved," stated Christian.  "As a new source of economic development for East Texas, the power plant will spur a revitalization of our logging and timber industry.  Additionally, it will create many jobs both during construction and for full-time operation.  This project brings one of the largest economic developments in the history of Nacogdoches County."

Construction could begin by February 2009 with the expectation of the plant opening in 2012.  Once in operation, the plant could run 365 days a year and will provide a renewable source of energy for the state.

"I applaud the efforts of many District 9 residents including Judge Joe English and Judy McDonald.  It was a pleasure to partner with them and Tony Callendrello of Nacogdoches Power to promote the plant to the Legislature and Public Utility Commission, and I thank them for their dedication in helping hard-working Texans provide for their families.  I look forward to seeing the positive impact that the power plant will have on Nacogdoches County and our East Texas region in the years to come."