Obama supporters still excited

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Young Democrats of SFA hosted a watch-party for Barack Obama.  But it wasn't just students who came out.

Adults like Yvonne Aiavolasiti and even some candidates for the upcoming local election were there.

"Democrats are starting to come out of the woodwork now.  Those who have been hibernating have been hiding because Texas has been Republican for too long," says Aiavolasiti.

Now they are deciding to show their support.

Democrat or Republican, Aiavolasiti says either way, "Please, everybody needs to get out and vote.  We need everybody."

Aiavolasiti says she's seen a difference in the number of people interested on politics this election year.

"I have seen that change especially here at the college," says Aiavolasiti.

Those in attendance listened to speeches from several local democrats, leading up to when Obama took the stage in Denver to accept his party's presidential nomination.

"I'm a big Obama supporter. I'm going to vote for him, I hope he gets elected. In fact I feel real sure he's going to be elected," says Aiavolasiti.

Whether you plan on voting for Obama or McCain, one message is clear, only those who vote will help make the decision.