Bracing for the storm

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Gustav became a hurricane again today, after wiping out houses and flooding roads in the Caribbean. Now, it's inching closer to the gulf coast.

Kathi White with TXDOT explains, "We're watching Gustav out there and the state operations center opened this morning so TXDOT is on board with state agencies and making preparations for the possible hurricane."

TXDOT is keeping a close eye on the storm and if its impact sends evacuees this way, some Lufkin roads could become traffic jams. "59 would be more involved if it's a Galveston, Houston landfall, otherwise our main impact would be 103 and 69," Keith Wright with the City of Lufkin explains.

The hope is that lessons learned from Rita will make things flow easier if Gustav impacts East Texas. "Hopefully this time around we'll be more prepared for these type things for the evacuees, for the evacuations that are going to be happening," White said.

And with one of the projected paths coming straight towards us, TXDOT is making sure fuel stations and their vendors are on alert. White says, "A little less chaotic than before where people wherever they were we were having to just try to get to them to get them fuel. This time we'll have more like fueling stations set up so they can go to one location if they can make it,"

But they'll still have crews on the roads in case travelers need emergency help.