Laptop Theft Alarm

By Amy Berrio

Davenport, IA (WQAD)- We've all Heard of car alarms and home alarms. But what about putting an alarm on your computer. These days, laptops are prime targets for theft. But one Iowa man is taking security into his own hands.

It could be the sound of the future, catching would-be thieves at coffee shops and libraries everywhere.

It is the laptop alarm and the brain child of is former WQAD Web Content Manager Brad Isbell, who set out to make laptops a little more secure. Isbell says, " I actually have a couple of friends who had their laptops stolen."

So Brad wrote a program based on motion detection software that is already in most IBM think pads. It allows users to turn it on and it locks the computer and walk away. Anyone who tries to take the laptop, gets an earful. The program even sends a warning message to your cell phone.

Brad says the download is free for personal use and is the only program of its kind in North America. Isbell says, "I wrote it for my own use. I might as well throw it out there for other people to use as well."

He admits, the alarm won't stop anybody from taking your computer, but they'll get a lot of attention doing it.

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