Hurricane Gustav Lufkin Update

From the Lufkin Police Department...

The forecast for Lufkin has been changed to indicate a high wind warning for Tuesday September 01.  As of 1:00pm Monday weather predictions for Lufkin vary.  Some predict heavy winds and up to 12 inches of rain for Tuesday.  Other models predict substantially less rain but winds of up to 50mph with higher gusts.

These conditions could result in power outages and flooding.  Residents of Lufkin are encouraged to prepare for potential flooding and have an evacuation plan ready.  Those homes with a history of flooding will likely be most prone to flooding if the projected rainfall amounts of as much as 6-12" do occur in Lufkin.

Residents are encouraged to be prepared for possible power outages by having fresh batteries for flashlights, radios and gasoline for generators.  Always be sure to run a generator in a well ventilated area and never run one indoors.

High winds can cause trees and limbs to fall and residents are asked to secure smaller items that may blow away in high winds.   Garbage cans, lawn chairs and other smaller items can damage homes and cars when blown by high winds.  Don't forget to see that outdoor pets have adequate safe shelter.  Any local residents affected by flooding or damage that may need to seek shelter can register at the registration center at Lufkin High School and be sheltered at one of the shelters in Lufkin.

Though school will be in session Tuesday, the Lufkin shelter registration center will be open at Lufkin High School at 309 S. Medford.