San Augustine and Shelby Counties get ready

by Christa Lollis

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Hundreds of evacuees have come into Shelby County and today, the county's emergency operations center got a call that hundreds more could be headed that way. "Timpson ISD, they can take up to 600 and they're fully staffed and resourced with things that they would need, so we're ready in the event that we do get others," Jackie Soto, Emergency Management Coordinator explained.

Today, they got shipments of MRE's, water and ice at the emergency operations center. But one San Augustine resident says, he's not sure all that will be necessary. Jimmy Horne says, "We're not really looking for it to get that bad like it did a few months ago, but we are looking for a lot of water."

A few months ago water flooded the streets as far as you could see. And while that's not expected this time around, Shelby County and San Augustine are expected to get hit hard. "We've been told we were going to get a tremendous amount of rain and possibly up to 20 inches and with wind gusts from 35 to possibly 55, 60 miles per hour," Shelby County Sheriff, Newton Johnson explained.

But KTRE's weather team says most areas will only see five to eight inches of rain and in some places maybe a foot. With those amounts evacuations shouldn't be necessary but emergency crews want county residents to be prepared to evacuate. Soto said, "Depending on where your at and the point where your house is located you might look at that."

The emergency operations center is also looking at passing out sandbags like Lufkin did this morning.