Save-A-Blade: "Does It Work?"

Chances are, if you promised to buy their ink for life...the inkjet printer companies would probably give you the printer for free!

Well the same thing is true with razors and the disposable blade cartridges. All the money is in the those little, 2, 3 and 4 blade razor heads.

But now someone has come up with a little gadget that could throw a kink in the whole system. It's called the Save A Blade and we put it to the "does it work?" test.

It's the automatic razor sharpener that works with all makes, from single blade disposables to multi-blade cartridges. The headline is it can give up to 200 shaves from a single blade.

Photographer, Philip brought his razor along. His is one of the most expensive on the market for replacement blades. This blade's been on there for about 2 months he says.

Philip says, his blade is approaching dullness about the end of the line.

Philip's skipped a few you got to give props to a guy willing to use a 2 month old razor on this scruff. But he only has to use it on half his face.

On a dullness scale 5 being the dullest? It's probably about a 4. About a 4 on the dullness scale" says Philip.

Dullness scale. That's the official term in the industry by the way. Kids don't try this at home.

"oh that hurts. That hurt? Uh huh."

We took a closer look at the product. Underneath is a spinning silicone carbide apparatus is hidden inside.

The instructions tell us to raise the clip. Make sure the blade is flat against the opening and five seconds later, it should be sharp.

Looks the same but Philip notices, Philip says, "it looks shinier on the edge of the razor blade."

So the other side of the face... asking Philip to pay special attention to how it feels. At first nothing from philip.

"First of all does it still shave?" "still shaves."

"How's that part?" "That part's different." "Better?" "Better." "Without a doubt. Almost like when the blade's brand new that's what it feels like."

And that spot that was so painful on the other side of his face?

"Better?" "Uh-huh" "Much, much better," according to Philip.

So same question as before..

"One to five... Five being the dull end of the scale you gave it a 4. What do you give it after Save A Blade?" "I would have to give it at least a 2 probably getting into a one. " "Really?" "It's like a brand new blade. Feels like a brand new blade."

Phil says he has much less skin irritation on the Save A Blade, right side of his face than on the left.

Oh... The Gillette people are not going to like this.

So Does It Work? The Save A Blade, gets a yes.