Downtown Garrison building burns to ground

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - Garrison In The News editor Joann Barton was putting the weekly newspaper together late last night, when her front page story was literally happening doors away. She points to images she captured of a downtown fire that happened right down the street from her.  " It was just small little smoke when I saw it and I don't know who possibly could have seen it because nobody could have seen it from the hiway,"  recalled Barton. She learned of the fire from a daughter who called her around 12:30 in the morning.  But it wasn't long before the flames shot into the foggy sky. Firefighters from other towns were called. Their mission wasn't to save the building, but prevent the fire from burning all of downtown. Barton pointed to a picture with orange flames coming from the building.  " They were trying to save the rest of these buildings. "

At daybreak Garrison residents came to Newman's Family Outlet. Nothing was left, but the memories. Oneal Adkinson said, " I'm 79 years old. I was born here and all of this town was here then and so I'm sure that it's at least 100 years old. " His wife, Pearl said,  " A lot of history gone. They can put up another building, but can't replace history."

A state fire marshal is investigating a possible cause. Firefighters hard work and a fire wall is attributed to saving downtown garrison. Garrison Fire Department Captain Justin Shull smiled and said, " You take out another building here and there's not many buildings left in our square. " Luckily the Garrison In The News didn't receive any damage and they have their front page picture for tomorrow's newspaper.