Tulane bridge is coming down

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Right now getting to Target, the mall or Best Buy in Lufkin isn't too difficult. But in a few weeks the Tulane bridge will be demolished and drivers will be looking for other ways to get around.

Lufkin resident, Rebekah Loving said, "We're just probably going to have a lot more traffic going around because there's so much construction going on and it's really been a hassle with everybody coming through, especially because of the hurricane's and stuff. I don't like it."

TXDOT is taking the bridge down to build a new and improved one that will include U-turn lanes. But all the drivers we spoke with don't seem to think that's necessary. "Waste of money, waste of time just leave it like it is, repair what's there.  Traffic's bad because of all the construction that's going on. Leave the construction alone and all our highways would be fine," Johnny Loving, a local resident explained.

TXDOT disagrees. Kathi White with TXDOT says, "Do they not see the traffic increase? Traffic is increasing, it seems like daily and so it's just progress and we're talking about the future."

But for some drivers the future is hard to picture right now. "It's going to be time consuming, I mean if I'm running late then I'll have to go all the way down there and back and I could possibly late."

For drivers coming up 59 north or off John Redditt you can take First Street to Tulane. If you're on the loop by Chick-fil-A you'll have to go on the feeder to Chestnut and U-turn. That's an inconvenience some people aren't ready for. Rebekah says, "Well it's going to be hard to, that's why I don't like it because I live right over here so I'm constantly in this area."

But starting the first week in October that's exactly what drivers will be facing.