Lufkin Police Report - 9/4/08

INCIDENT/INFORMATION: 100 Block N TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that a Hispanic male fled a store Wednesday night after an anti-theft warning sounded indicating the man had merchandise on him that hadn't been paid for.  The store clerk didn't know what the suspect may have stolen.

HARASSMENT: JAMES. Complainant reported that she received a threatening phone message from her former boyfriend Wednesday.

ASSAULT: 1400 Block SAYERS. Complainant reported that a known male suspect threw a box fan at her and missed, hitting her two year old child in the head Wednesday afternoon.  The child had a visible knot on his head but did not require medical treatment.

THEFT: 1700 Block ALLENDALE. Complainant reported that a Lone Star food card was stolen from her home sometime during the past two weeks and has been used at two different stores in Lufkin.

THEFT/B: 2500 Block DANIEL MCCALL. Complainant reported that her license plates were stolen off her car in July.

THEFT/A: 400 Block S FIRST ST. Complainant reported that $600 was reported missing for a cash bank transaction that occurred in mid-August.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 800 Block N MEDFORD. Complainant reported that a rental car (which had been reported stolen the day before) was left at the lot Tuesday night and was found to have a scratched up fender.  Someone had used spray paint to paint over the scratches on the fender.  A note inside the car said the person who had rented it was in jail in Arkansas.

ASSAULT: 200 Block CHAMBERS. Complainant reported that her boyfriend hit her in the eye during an argument Wednesday morning.  Complainant had no visible injury.

THEFT: 500 Block LAZY OAKS. Complainant reported that a male acquaintance stole $20 from her residence Wednesday morning.