Stand Up To Cancer

East Texas (KTRE) - An historic collaboration in network news will happen tomorrow evening. ABC, CBS, and NBC are donating an hour of simultaneous commercial-free prime time for a special program called, 'Stand Up To Cancer. The nationally televised fund-raising event is aimed at rallying the public around the goal of ending cancer's reign as a leading cause of death. Network anchors Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams, and Katie Couric, will be reporting on potentially life-saving research, speaking with both patients and scientists. There will also be live performances by legendary recording artists, plus appearances by top names in TV, sports and print. You can watch Stand Up To Cancer from 7 PM to 8 PM here at KTRE.

Local Efforts

Cancer affects every community. Here in East Texas there's an increasing number of programs designed to prevent, detect and treat cancer are underway. On this day, oncologist Dr. Kathryn Lewis prepares to meet with another new cancer patient. If she had her way, no one would ever walk through the doors of the Loma Laird Cancer Center as a patient.

Lewis preaches over and over again, " Early detection is key." Lewis devotes a lot of her busy schedule to early detection efforts. In two weeks she's conducting prostate cancer screenings in recognition of prostate awareness month. That same week she'll likely be at the third Thursday seminar. This month's topic ovarian cancer. Next month there will be a breast cancer forum to attend.

Finding the disease early increases a person's chance of survival. Lewis explained,  " Colonoscopy actually prevent development of cancers because by removing polyps then you're actually preventing the cancer in itself. So, it's very important anyone over the age of 50 undergo a colonoscopy."

The American Cancer Society is encouraging elected officials to promote prevention and early detection programs, boost funds for cancer research, ensure access to quality affordable health care for all Americans and support strong tobacco control policies. The new no smoking ordinance in Nacogdoches, in addition to a push for a state wide no smoking law, illustrates leaders are listening. Local organizer, Dr DawnElla Rust said,  " That ordinance definitely decreased the exposure to second hand smoke. U.S. Surgeon General report has definitely linked second hand smoke exposure to cancers. "

A cold hard fact Dr Lewis wants everyone to know.    " Education is power. Early detection and screening is key to cure, " she shared. All part of the 'Stand Up To Cancer.'

Upcoming Events @ Nacogdoches Medical Center 
Sept. 19-20: Prostate Cancer Screening, prostate exam and low cost PSA Call 866-697-5864 Sept. 18: Third Thursday Seminar: Ovarian cancer
Oct. 10: American Cancer Society Fight Back Express Bus 8:30 a.m.
Oct. 16: Breast Cancer Forum