Rental car returned damaged and spray painted

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Al Meyer Ford in Lufkin rents cars all the time, but when the latest one came back, it's not at all what they wanted to see.

The blue Ford Focus left the lot back in June.  The renter paid every 30 days until the middle of August.

Rental Manager Brittany Aldrich reported it stolen Tuesday and the car showed up the next day damaged, to say the least.

But the damage had been "fixed" by the renter, with Bondo and blue spray paint.

"It's obvious that he tried to cover up what he messed up on it, and also with the balding of the tires, I don't know what he was doing, at all."

The woman who "dropped" the car off did leave a note.  It says sorry about the wreck, but her husband is in jail in Arkansas.  She also left her insurance card, but Aldrich says it was inactive.

They are looking at about $2,000 worth of damage.  Aldrich hopes to collect the remaining balance and damage costs, but has to pay for it in the mean time.