Local UPS truck hits 1,000,000 miles

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - It is an ordinary looking UPS truck from the outside, but if you take a look at the odometer, it's anything but.

The zeros do not mean it's brand new. It means this truck just hit 1,000,000 miles.

"It doesn't normally happen like that with delivery trucks and the abuse they get on the roads.  They normally don't make it. To have the same one with the same driver is pretty neat," says Brett Boyd, who is the driver of this exceptional truck.

Today marks Boyd's 22nd anniversary with the boys in brown.

After six months with UPS they give this brand new truck, 903.

And he's been driving it ever since. David Valadenz, with UPS says, the fact that the same delivery truck has been with the same driver for more than two decades is something UPS has never seen before.

"There are very special people that work here. They take pride in the work and their jobs and our maintenance program we have to keep trucks on the road really does work," says Valadenz.

Boyd says they tried to retire 903, but he said no way.

"They wanted to give me a new truck 2-3 months ago and I said it was too close to a million to get a new truck now.  I don't know what's going to happen now, but as long as they leave her with me, I'll driver her."

Boyd says they've fixed just about everything at least once on her.

"Pretty much take care of her as if she were mine. Between me and the mechanic, seeing what's gone wrong with it, lot of times I can it before something goes wrong, when it's fixing to."

And Boyd never expected all the attention.

"I figured whenever it happened, like I told my boss, I was just going to have a disposable camera and take a picture. But now it's got plenty of attention and that's real neat."

Today his route is about 220 miles round trip and Boyd plans to keep driving her as long as she can run.

UPS officials say they attribute this milestone to Boyd's love for his job and the maintenance upkeep of his truck.  As of now, they have no plans to retire 903.