Jack of the Week

By Coleman Swierc

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Max Holmes carries quite a weight.  The weight of protecting Lumberjacks quarterback Jeremy Moses.  The weight of three championship rings from his time at L.S.U.

But Holmes may have never gotten the chance to earn the rings if it weren't for an S.F.A. assistant he had never met.  Jacks offensive line coach Chris Truax.

"I lost my ten year old son three years ago," Truax says.  "And what we did, the L.S.U. coaches have an endowed scholarship, in my sons name, in honor of the player that wears jersey number 66."

Holmes wore 66 for two years at L.S.U. The same number Truax wore during his time in Baton Rouge. Holmes graduated early and decided to transfer.  He had knowing idea Truax was waiting.

"It is kind of a crazy thing," Holmes says.  "I had no idea about the whole situation, and I got here and he told me.  I was like 'wow' it is kind of meant to be."

"We started to talk about it and that maybe the forces of nature put us together," Truax says.  "For some kind of reason, but he has made a great positive influence on this team, on me, and my family.  We are blessed that he is here and part of the Lumberjacks."

Holmes says he wants another ring. And he wants a ring for the man he almost never met, who gave so much to him.

"That would make me happier than anything."