Grass roots politics take off walking

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Grass roots political efforts are literally stepping up in this presidential election year. Nacogdoches County Democrats are learning the secrets of 'block walking'.   Packets of information containing registration cards and a list of democratic candidates are being handed out. The volunteers are told to target unregistered Democrats and undecided voters.

The concentrated effort conducted in a methodical way has proven to help get candidates elected. Block walker trainer Pat Castello has participated in block walks from the northeast United States to Dallas. " What we're all looking for is the undecided. We're all looking for the person who isn't sure how they are going to vote and see if we can get out our message to them. We are looking for people who have not registered here. "

Republican Party chair Jackie Yates said, "A drawback to block walking is finding enough volunteers." Democrats will start their walks as early as Saturday.  Republicans plan to do the same, but are uncertain when.

Voter deadlines will be shared with voters too. All voters who can't make it to their polls during early voting or on election day need to make arrangements to vote now. September 5 is the first day to apply for a 'Ballot By Mail'. You have to provide a reason for the mail in ballot, such as being out of the county, in jail or physically unable to make the trip. The last day to apply for Ballot By Mail is October 28th.