Angelina County residents weigh in on McCain's speech

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Republican nominee John McCain's speech Thursday night is the number one topic of conversation Friday among republicans.

"I was glad the rest of America got to find out about him," says Angelina County Republican Party Chair, Bob Flournoy.

Even the history and government instructors at Angelina College are chiming in about this historic election.

"We have two senators that are candidates and we are going to get a senator as the president and to me that is the most historic thing about this election," says instructor of Government and History, Dexter Satterwhite.

McCain took the stage last night after his wife Cindy, promising that change is coming when he elected as president.

"The video about his life and the other speakers who talked about him show he is a great man, a great American, a patriot and a hero," says Flournoy.

Republicans and government instructors agree, although McCain is not the most charismatic nominee, he got his message across.

"To me he was not quite as animated as I've seen him at times.  However, he seemed to get his message across clearly," says Satterwhite.

"I was really encouraged to hear his speech.  He's not the great orator that Obama is, but he has the character we have to have as a president of the United States," says Flournoy.

So now it's a race to November and Flournoy hopes everyone will take a look at who is running.

"Look at the difference between the two candidates. It's a serious decision. The difference between them is enormous and a stark reality of the great experience and character that McCain is compared to Obama. Find out, get to work," says Flournoy.

And above all else, make sure you vote.

The Republican headquarters will open Monday, September 8th at 4pm.  They are located at 1201 south first, behind McDonalds.

On Monday, they will be handing out campaign material and answering questions about the campaign.