Amazing Turtle Race a success for Angelina Beautiful/Clean

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For those who aren't from here, the Amazing Turtle Race put on by Angelina Beautiful/Clean may not be what you were thinking.

"Yeah, we wanted to see real turtles," says Rosa Enriquez.

But no real turtles here, just a few thousand plastic ones, racing or should we say floating, to win their adopted parents great prizes.

They have a little help from "rushing water" and a man with an oar, so the race doesn't take as long as you would think. Saturday's race was over in about 15 minutes.

"I thought it would take forever if it was real turtles. It's kind of good because it was plastic ones," says Enriquez.

When you "adopt" a turtle, you get a number that represents yours in the water.

When they release the plastic creatures, the first 30 who come in means great stuff like diamonds, food or even gas for the winner.

The turtle who comes in dead last is also a winner.

Valena Spradley with Angelina Beautiful/Clean says this year was a great turnout because hundreds of people showed up.

"This is our third year and every year it gets bigger and it's such a neat family event. Kids adopt them, the get the t-shirts have little turtle tattoos and get take them home," says Spradley.

This year they raised a ton of money.  Spradley says, "We sold 1377 adoptions.  Last year we raised $13,000 and this year we raised $16,000," which does great things for Angelina Beautiful/Clean and in turn the community.

"It's really a neat family event and the money goes to AB/C which does things like beautification and education.  The money you give goes back into the community and it's such a neat thing to be involved with," says Spradley.

AB/C is already looking forward to another great event for next year.