County tax increase

by Christa Lollis

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A final public hearing today on a Angelina County tax increase drew only one opposer to commissioners court.

She expressed concern over paying anymore money in economically hard times but County Judge Wes Suiter says they're getting hit hard too. "We struggled through the budget process with each elected official and each department head. We cut what we could but we still have to maintain a level of services and when the cost goes up for them, the general public, it also goes up for the county."

So Angelina County residents will see an increase of one cent in their taxes next year but Suiter says, some people may not even notice but they will. "The penny is going to generate about 290,000 dollars split between the 4 commissioners precincts just for maintenance on the roads," Suiter said.

The average homeowner will see an increase of 11 dollars a year and while other's may pay more county officials explain, to keep the roads driveable it has to be done. And to keep the county up and running as prices of everything else increase, taxes have to do the same. Suiter explains, "Government's not free and if people don't mind there roads being potholed and not being able to drive down them, we can cut services but I don't think that's what people want."

The county judge hoped more people would have shown up during the budget process and for the public hearings on the increase and he hopes next year if they want to be involved they will.