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Manhunt underway for murder suspect

Marvin Revis Lowe Marvin Revis Lowe
Marvin Revis Lowe Marvin Revis Lowe

By Donna McCollum

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A manhunt continues for murder suspect Marvin Revis Lowe. He's the primary suspect of the Sunday evening murder of John Clifton Hanks. Texas Rangers are hoping tips to his location may come in since photographs of the suspect have been placed with the local media.   

On Monday, San Augustine County Sheriff Don Michaels returns to scene of the crime. It's a rural house on County Road 4265 in southern San Augustine County. It's where he spent most of Sunday night. He's looking for any missed evidence surrounding the shooting death of 63 year old John Clifton Hanks.  

While pointing to a shot out window Michaels said, " You can definitely see the hole where it went in and it was buckshot." Hanks' girlfriend, Pat Bryan discovered the body on the living room floor according to Texas Ranger Pete Maskunas.  She had been gone from the house for only an hour. She returned when a friend called her out of concern that Hanks wasn't answering the phone. There were those who knew Hanks' life was in jeopardy. Michaels explained,  " This is going to be over a lady. And jealousy is the motivation on it. And we had taken a previous report a couple of weeks ago that he had made threats against him. " And the threat was, " Threatened to kill him, " said Michaels.

Investigators say their suspect took one bold move by entering through a gate to take aim just feet away. Michaels illustrated, " He was in this area right here because of the way the shots went straight up through there."   Investigators aren't going on just a hunch. Texas Rangers used laser technology and set it up right here to determine the direction and distance of the gunfire. Lowe was last seen in a dark green Toyota compact pickup with a gray toolbox in the back. His last known address was Bronson, but he has ties to Lufkin and Tyler. He's known as a rambler.

Hanks has a past of his own. He's on the sex offender registry for sexual contact with a 13 year old boy in 1991. Hanks was out on parole. The man is known for his carpentry skills. The fatal shot was fired through a recently installed window of his home.

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