Lufkin Police Report - 9/9/08

SEX OFFENSES/OTHER: Complainant reported that she was outside just after midnight Tuesday talking on the phone when she was approached by a Hispanic male who dragged her into a nearby wooded area and tied her hands behind her back while telling the victim he wanted to have sex with her. The victim was able to kick the suspect in the groin and he left in a silver mid-sized car.  The victim did not require medical treatment.

ASSAULT/A: 2200 Block S FIRST ST. Complainant reported that he was assaulted by a known suspect several weeks ago.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 100 Block CHAMPIONS DR. Complainant reported that several unauthorized charges were made on her credit card by a known suspect.

THEFT/A: 100 Block FINLEY. Complainant reported that several tools were stolen in early September from a house that is being remodeled.

FRAUD: 100 Block PARKVEIW CI. Complainant reported that an unknown person has obtained a cell phone and run up a past due bill using the complainant's name and identifying information.

ASSAULT/C: KURTH @ SAYERS. Complainant reported that he was threatened with bodily harm by a known suspect Monday.

THEFT: 200 Block ALBERT. Complainant reported that her sister stole her car key Saturday.

THEFT/B: 2400 Block DAVISVILLE DR. Complainant reported that some of her prescription medication was stolen over the weekend.

FRAUD: 300 Block ABNEY AV. Complainant reported that her electric service was changed to another company without her consent or authorization.

THEFT/B: W FRANK AV @ HILL. Complainant reported that she placed her wallet on top of her car and drove off Monday.  Complainant said a witness saw the wallet fall off her car and saw a man stop and pick up the wallet.

ASSAULT/AGGRAVATED: 1800 Block W FRANK. Complainant reported that a known suspect tried to run over him with a car during a disturbance Monday afternoon.  The jumped out of the way but the suspect struck a third person's vehicle, causing minor damage.  No one was injured.

THEFT: 200 Block HUMMINGBIRD. Complainant reported that her adult son stole some cash from her purse over the weekend.

THEFT/FELONY: 400 Block S FIRST ST. Complainant reported that a known suspect wrote him a check on a closed account.

BURGLARY: 1500 Block E LUFKIN. Complainant reported that his car was broken into and a digital camera and some bank deposit slips were stolen.

THEFT/FELONY: 2400 Block MINNIE LOU ST. Complainant reported that his gray motorized mobility chair was stolen from his yard Saturday night of Sunday.