Lawsuit Filed Against Nacogdoches County

NACOGDOCHES (KTRE)- KTRE has learned that Deep East Texas Electric Co-op and Tex-La Electric Co-op has filed lawsuits in District Court, charging Nacogdoches County with breach of contract for payment of services rendered.

The lawsuit derives from a 2003 bill that county received to relocate utility lines for the Lake Naconiche project in northern Nacogdoches County.

Deep East Texas Co-op signed up for the job and the company's initial estimate was around $120,000, but when the bill arrived last summer it read $206,000.

According to the cooperatives, the money from the county will reimburse them for the money that they've arleady paid to the third-party contractors.

Seperate lawsuits were filed, one on behalf of each cooperative. The county has until Monday, September 29th to respond to the petitions.