Storm Watch: Lufkin Resource Staging Area

News Release:

Lufkin...No matter where the next hurricane hits, East Texas will see action.  That's because Lufkin has been selected as one of two Resource Staging Areas (RSAs) in the state of Texas.  Brookshire Brothers has offered the facility which houses its reclaim center to the federal government for the stockpiling of emergency preparedness supplies .  The warehouse-or RSA-is filled with 381,000 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), cots, blankets, comfort kits and enough water to float a battleship.  Those provisions can be shipped out at a moment's notice to the areas affected by a severe storm or hurricane.  Manned round-the-clock when Hurricane Gustav raged in the Gulf, the RSA is now gearing up for Ike.

Brookshire Brothers' Safety Director Randy Boyd says, "It's a privilege to be able to help provide life's basics to people impacted by a storm.  We stored and distributed essentials during Hurricane Rita and we're ready again. I want to applaud FEMA, the Texas Forest Service and the Texas National Guard for their incredible organization this year.  We are all positioned to respond with provisions when we get a call."

The Forest Service and National Guard will be the entities responsible for transporting goods where they need to go.  As product goes out, more provisions will come into the warehouse.  It's a huge inventory to keep track of says the Forest Service's Gary Bennett. "It's hectic.  As the storm gets closer we staff up, calling in folks from all over Texas to help out."

Brookshire Brothers is an employee-owned grocery chain headquartered in Lufkin with more than 70 stores throughout Texas and Louisiana.  It is also one of the world's leading retail distributors of Conoco branded gasoline.