Agents & residents getting prepared for Ike

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Getting ready for Ike means a ton of paperwork for insurance agents, like Wade Moore with Terry Morgan Insurance.

"We've been very busy this week, people calling in. Some of our companies have closed the availability to write business because the storm is in the gulf, headed toward the Texas coast," says Moore.

That doesn't mean they aren't ready.  Now they hope residents like Brandy Dunkin are preparing for the storm as well.

"I've already picked up everything that could blow away.  We definitely have a plan, just in case the hurricane hits."

Getting ready for Ike means boarding up windows in case of a direct hit and putting away things in the yard that could become projectiles, like Bar-B-Q pits and lawn chairs.

"I've made sure my home owner's insurance is current because I do have trees in the backyard that fall down sometimes," says Dunkin.

"We had people that thought you could not do anything until the adjustor comes to your home. That is not the case.  Do whatever you can to protect your home.  After things subside, you can get out and do some work," says Moore.

Be aware of where the storm is, because knowing what's going on with Ike will help you know when to board up and when to get out.

"I've been looking at the internet daily, to see what's going to happen, because you just never know," says Dunkin.

Although the wind and rain won't be quite as strong here as it will be in South Texas, Moore says it's always a good idea to be ready.

"Know your policy, check your deductibles, be prepared, know what's going to happen and go through the claim's process," says Moore.

Insurance officials also say that if you don't have flood insurance, prevent excess flood damage to your belongings by putting things up as high as possible, like on a second story in the attic.