Expect School Changes

by Jessica Cervantez

School is just around the corner for most East Texas students. Some of them can expect a lot of changes, whether it is a new curriculum or changes in dress code.

Like all schools, Nacogdoches High School is striving for success. This year, they are trying something a little different. The students can expect to be greeted immediately. Teachers want to take a pro-active approach to making the students and parents feel welcomed.

The desks will soon be filled with students ready to have fun, but with that comes rules. Nacogdoches High School Principal Liz Ballenger said, "Students can expect small changes, such as a stricter dress code, so students need to purchase items very carefully."

Even the new teachers are overwhelmed with changes, but they do it for the students. Crystal Lyons, a new teacher, said, "There is no one else I'm here for."

Administrators are busy working hard, trying to get ready for the new school year. They say they are really excited about working with a new principal. Ballenger says one of her goals at Nacogdoches High School this year is to make the community, parents and, especially, students feel welcomed.