Restaurant Report

It's time for Restaurant Report, we take a look at some Angelina County eateries that made the list.

Dairy Queen #3 on North John Redditt got 26 demerits. Health inspectors said they needed to remove the household freezer and clean insects out from under the grill. They also needed to exterminate for gnats, and the theremometers were needed in coolers.

The Hunan Restaurant on North Timberland Drive got 14 demerits. The drive-thru shelves were dirty. Inspectors told them to clean under shelves in the prep area and label and cover bulk items in the cooler.

Chen's China Inn on S. Timberland Drive got 21 demerits. The A/C vents, shelves, kitchen walls, ice machine filters, and freezer floors all needed cleaning. Last, they unused broken equipment needed to be removed.

And congratulations to the following: Pete's Place, Logan's Roadhouse, and Brookshire Brothers Bakery, all received zero demerits on this week's report.