Not too late for East Texans to seek shelter safety

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - More than 500 out of town evacuees are in four Nacogdoches shelters. Still there's room for locals. Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss wants residents to know, " If you happen to live in a mobile home or a low lying area, somewhere worried about sheltering this storm come to the Red Cross reporting center. " East Texans can check in to Fredonia Hill Baptist Church now.

Those wanting to be safe rather than sorry are taking precautions. A car dealership hired a glass company to board up show room windows. Rather pay them now than later.  "Lot cheaper than glass," said the installer. The police department is boarded up too. Sort of a subliminal message to residents to be prepared. Sgt. Greg Sowell said, " To err on the side of good judgement and get your supplies together. "

Those following that advice formed lengthy lines at Pike Saw and Tool. Mark Lymberry was working on chainsaws when he said, " Getting guys ready to cut wood when it falls. " A customer at the head of the line said,  " Getting some oil for chain saws and getting my chainsaw sharpened. " Lymberry lets you know, " A chainsaw with a dull chain is basically worthless. " Lymberry can do the maintenance in ten minutes, but he says    " Tomorrow might be a little late. "

Rest assured, about 35 road and bridge employees will spend the night at the expo center. Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English explained, " So in the morning in case they didn't get out of their roads for trees or power lines that we have them here and they're already staged so they'll be staying at the expo so first thing in the morning they'll be hitting the roads. "

Nacogdoches County volunteer fire department members met with the sheriff and judge. Wide-spread power outages are likely. It may require the distribution of ice and water to rural residents. If necessary distribution points will at each of the volunteer fire department. Stay tuned to KTRE and to learn if and when that will be necessary.

No doubt now, Hurricane Ike is making his way to East Texas. The point has come to get indoors and stay there until he leaves.