New baby arrival amidst Texas-size storm

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The worst is over and some of us may hope to forget Ike soon, but for one family in Lufkin they won't forget the storm and bundle of joy it brought.

Zephanie Lane's due date for her second child wasn't until next week, but this baby girl wasn't waiting on Ike.

"My original due date was Tuesday, the 16th, so no we weren't planning on having her Friday.  But after I woke up Friday around 2am, I knew I was going to be in labor," says mom Zephanie Lane.

Just before Ike starting pounding Texas, Z'ynya I'ke was born.  Yes her middle name is spelled like Ike, but with an apostrophe, pronounced eye-kee.

"Her father thought of Z'ynya, but yesterday we thought of I'ke because of Ike, the storm Ike," says Lane.

Coming in at seven pounds, 12 ounces and with a full head of hair, this baby joined her family a Memorial Hospital in Lufkin, along with six other babies born during the storm.

"She's a real good baby. All she does is eat and sleep," says Lane, who wasn't worried about giving birth with an approaching hurricane roughly the size of Texas.

"I wasn't scared. I would rather be in here instead of out in the storm with no lights and no power.  I would rather be in here than out there," says Lane.

If you think Z'ynya is a mouthful, don't worry.  The family already has an appropriate nickname picked out.

"Papa came up with it. (The baby's) grandfather came up with her nickname Stormy, yesterday morning.  He called me, and said you know what, we are going to name her Stormy, so her nickname is Stormy.

Only one baby was born Saturday in Lufkin and that was by C-section.