Lots of cleanup left from Hurricane Ike

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -  " I'm blessed. This is nothing to compare with what they went through in New Orleans."  Virginia Mathews is counting her blessings, even though an oak tree that she and her husband planted in the 70's came crashing down on her home. She replayed it in her mind,  " I had just stood there at the window and then I saw Carl Davis' go and it was like a domino effect and mine when too. Both of them fell together, right on my house, in my living room. "     yet she was not inside. It was all because of good neighbors. They were having coffee together in a house across the street. Mathews said with a grin on her face,  "We were sitting there looking out the window when it happened. "

The Millard street homes aren't the only homes with trees blocking the way. Numerous others are in the same situation, keeping volunteers busy helping out. Jeff Harris said,  " I'm cutting them out of the streets. I cut a big pine tree out of Appleby Sand a while ago. " You can probably see the scene in just about every community.

As squalls pass over East Texas concern turns from structural damage to flood damage.   During downpours a close watch is kept on the two creeks running through town. Residents living in low lying apartment complexes were told days ago to use caution.   Something that will have be used throughout the coming weeks as the cleanup from hurricane ike continues.