Storm Aftermath: City of Lufkin

City of Lufkin

Emergency Operations Center

Press Release-Hurricane Ike Recovery

6:00pm Sunday September 14, 2008

The City of Lufkin Emergency Operations Center remains open and city crews are still working to remove debris and clear roadways.  At this time, all major roadways in Lufkin are clear and open.  Some residential streets may still have partial blockages from trees but all are passable in at least one lane by passenger cars.

The Shelter Registration Hub at Lufkin High School was closed just after 5pm today.  Lufkin is no longer accepting any new evacuees.  The Lufkin Red Cross shelters are currently housing just over 3200 evacuees.

No Point of Distribution for ice, water and food is planned in the city for Monday.  Enough power has been restored in the city that normal sources of food, water and ice should be adequate.

Debris pickup will begin at a later date.  Residents cutting up limbs or trees for city pick-up should cut them into sections no longer that four (4) feet in length and place them close to the curb so that they can be picked up with a grapple truck.

The city phone bank is still open 24 hours.  That number is 936-630-0600 and should be called for questions regarding the sheltering or recovery efforts. The city of Lufkin, including City Hall, will open for normal city operations tomorrow at regular hours, even as the recovery operations continue.

The City of Lufkin has not instituted a curfew.  We still encourage residents to not drive unless necessary and to exercise great caution when driving.  Some traffic lights are still not operational because they have no electricity.  These intersections should be treated as four-ways stops.

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