Water wells are working but could run out soon

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Even though power is taking some time, at least water is still available to almost everyone in Angelina County.  But officials caution it could be in short supply.

Angelina Water Supply, who services some customers outside the loop, only has one well working on a generator and the other two down.

The City of Lufkin also has two wells down but does have other water wells going.

Officials say for now, there is enough water to operate on, but residents should limit water use if at all possible.

"It's a wait and see game and we are asking those to conserve water.  It doesn't matter where you are in any of those impact areas and if you see trees up and a water line is visible, call your water company and let them know because that's help they can use," says Keith Weathers with Angelina Water Supply.

Weathers says all utility workers are doing their best,  so give them time and your support because they are stressed and tired and probably dealing with damage at home too.