Help is on its way

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A caravan of power crews is exactly what East Texans want to see.   About 30 trucks, ready to go to work lined up on Hiway 59, just south of Nacogdoches.   One lineman from Mineral Wells said he's been working all day long and will work into the night. Bryan Delacruz said,  " Been pretty busy. We've been going since about 5:00 this morning and we are trying to get this main line here on. Lot of people affected, a lot of people. "

Right behind the power crews came another caravan coming down 59. They were all tree service crews. They'll be doing the same kind of work that arborist Eric Russell has been doing since Hurricane Ike left town.  " When I left the house about 6:30 this morning I had about 45-48 (jobs) , something like that. " Russell is attacking an estimated 80 year old red oak that fell across a house. A job best left to experts. Russell warned,   "If anybody is going to get out there and do it be careful and just a little bit at a time. "

Another popular site to East Texans is the fuel delivery truck. The challenge is to stay ahead of the customer demand. Steve Snow said while filling tanks, " South there was more damage at the refinery in Houston, League City in that area. More physical damage to the plant itself, refinery, so they're having to make up for it. They're getting everything out of Waco. Most of it is being pumped out of Corpus now. "

Patience remains the number one request from all service industries.