Storm Aftermath: Deep East Texas Coop

Representatives with the Deep East Texas Electric Coop tell the East Texas News:

Nacogdoches County has about 35-hundred Deep East Texas Electric Coop customers, 35% of service area, still without power.

Systemwide, 32% of the system is down with 12-thousand meters out of service.

Crews are currently focusing on all the critical loads like water supply systems.  They also have crews working in Trawick, San Augustine, Woden, Appleby and throughout the affected areas.

Additional crews are expected today from other coops.

They made good progress Sunday and the weather is helping tremendous today in their efforts to get the power back on.

General Manager Larry Warren says, "We hope to have system completely by end of week, hopefully, before that. Customers should make preparations for that, but hope it will be quicker than that." Warren said he didn't want to be overly optimistic and he's encouraging people to be prepared for at least a week without power. He also encourages all customers to keep calling their automatic outage system, every couple of hours, if they want, that way nobody will be left out.

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