Storm Aftermath: Nacogdoches Update


(NACOGDOCHES,TX) As of 8:00 AM CDT this morning, Nacogdoches was housing approximately 800 evacuees from Hurricane Ike in 10 shelters. All shelters have electric service.

Emergency clean-up measures continue throughout the city and county. The following is an update:

  • Nacogdoches city and county officials are still awaiting shipments of food, ice and water for distribution to local residents. Local officials ordered these shipments early Saturday and adequate shipments for public distribution have not arrived from the state. As soon as the shipments arrive, distribution points will be announced.
  • Citizens are reminded to be careful when hiring contractors for repairs and tree removal. Check references, the Better Business Bureau and be sure that the contractor is licensed and bonded.
  • Residents with damage may begin the claim process with FEMA by going to their website at Further information regarding local FEMA registration will be announced later.
  • Residents of the D&M Water System are advised to boil all water prior to use for drinking, making ice, or cooking. Water should be brought to a vigorous boil and boiled for two (2) minutes prior to use.
  • The Columbia Center has a map of road closures available for the public. The Internet address is
  • The reception center for evacuees at Fredonia Hill Baptist Church is now closed, and persons seeking shelter are asked to report to the Nacogdoches Recreation Center.
  • County Road and Bridge crews, members of County Fire Departments, and Inmate work crews are working to open county roads. County officials will be attempting to contact residents with limited access to their homes due to debris or damage to insure their safety. City fire department personnel will be performing this duty within the city. Code enforcement officers will begin the damage assessment.
  • Citizens are asked to exercise extreme caution when using portable generators during a power outage. Generators with combustible engines give off carbon monoxide, a tasteless, odorless and invisible gas that can be deadly. Generators should be placed outside and be well ventilated. They should not be placed within three (3) feet of other combustible items such as a wall or vehicle. Persons using generators to energize their homes directly should be certain that the main electrical circuit to their homes is turned "off" at the meter, to prevent energizing power lines elsewhere.
  • Officials are still working to secure generators for Sacul, Cushing, and Lilbert water systems.
  • Utility and clean-up crews are being hampered by a large amount of sightseeing traffic in areas affected by this storm.


  • Persons are reminded that all downed utility lines are to be treated as if they are energized. Never attempt to move a downed line or touch a utility line.
  • Electric Companies are working to restore power to the city and the county. This could be a protracted operation The Nacogdoches Emergency Operations Center has been operating on a 24-hour basis since Thursday, and will continue in this mode throughout this event.
  • Persons needing information in reference to services should call the information telephone bank at 559-2510. This is not a line to report emergencies or other situations. This is an information line only.
  • Additional information will be transmitted when it becomes available.