Across East Texas Ike leaves a trail

NACOGDOCHES-HOUSTON COUNTIES, TX (KTRE) -This morning enter the Etoile Volunteer Fire Department and you would have found little water and ice, exactly the items residents were wanting and needing. There were only three cases of water. And the ice chests were low. But by noon the story changed. Commodity deliveries arrived.   And the Etoile Water Department is going strong too. A generator keeps the system going.    " Both our plants have generators on them, " said a worker who checks on the generators throughout the day.

Justin Morton had gone fishing. The pro fisherman was in Dallas when Ike took out his shed, with everything in it.  " There's a $1500 barrel of oil sitting right there and an $8000 mule and another $8000 zero turn mower. "

Go west into the Davy Crockett National Forest. At the Ratcliff District Office U.S. Forest Rangers access the damage. Forest service workers just in from the woods reported,  " What we're having to do is try to cut our way through and get the limbs and the big trees cut." District Ranger J.R. Lawrence said,   " First and major concern is making sure all residents have access to the road system. "

And that would be Martha Robinson. She can now come and go from her residence near the entrance to Ratcliff Recreation area. Forest rangers are her friends.    " This morning I looked up and the dogs were barking and here coming was a yellow slicker suit with a hard hat coming down the driveway and it was Merlinda with the forest service and she said they had been talking that Miss Martha is locked in at the lake, "  said Robinson.

A few miles down the road in Kennard ribs and sausage are on the pit. The town's way of saying thanks to the guard for handing out water and ice. You see water pressure is low and the sewage is slow.   One resident reported,  " Like yesterday the sewage was really low into late, late last night."

Daily inconveniences are a hassle, but Judge Lonnie Hunt remains optimistic.    " The good news is we're seeing a lot of progress. We have two electric service providers in the county, Houston County Electric Cooperative is one and Oncor is the other. You couldn't ask for anything more from either one of them. "

Ike did some damage, but East Texans know how to cope.