DETAB Issues Warning to Homeowners

With the damage that the East Texas area has experienced from Hurricane Ike,  the Deep East Texas Association of Builders (DETAB) is concerned that there may be a rapid influx of unregistered builders and remodelers from other states or other unscrupulous parties seeking to take advantage of homeowners that have been affected by the hurricane.

All residential builders and remodelers in Texas are required to register with the Texas Residential Construction Commission if they work on qualified projects. Registration includes a criminal background check and requires builders and remodelers to provide a set of minimum warranties for their work.

Homeowners are urged to thoroughly review a builder or remodeler's record and check references before signing any work contract or agreement. Also, the DETAB office can assist you in checking a builders credentials by calling 936-699-4412 or by checking the DETAB website membership at

"Before you hire a builder or remodeler to work on your home, we strongly encourage you to ask for proof of registration or contact the DETAB office to make sure they're dealing with a reputable, registered company," said Executive Melvin Linton, DETAB president and area home builder.

Registered builders/remodelers should have a TRCC issued registration certificate and/or wallet card to verify proof of registration. Cities and local municipalities are required to verify registration before issuing permits.

The Deep East Texas Association of Builders is a non profit organization that represents the counties of Angelina, Houston, Livingston, Nacogdoches, Polk, Shelby, San Augustine and Trinity Counties, with over 200 members.

The Association is one of 31 associations affiliated with Texas Association of Builders (TAB).  These Associations are a part of National Association of Builders (NAHB), which is made up of 10,000 member firms representing 500,000 jobs and $9 billion of the Texas economy.

DETAB provides educational, networking, and informational services to their members in an effort to assist them to be competitive and provide exceptional products and services to their customers. The DETAB office number is 699-4412.