Search for missing man

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lucy is a search dog with the Hudson Search and Rescue team and today she spent an hour walking through a Lufkin neighborhood looking for Steven Evans who has been missing since Friday.

"Last night we originally started this at about 11 o'clock yesterday morning and we didn't stop until about ten thirty last night," Cindy Clark with the team explained.

People from shelters and around town have said they've seen Steven but he hasn't been found. Clark says, "At this point it seems like the young man is on the move. He's moving so trying to keep up with him and have no idea right at this point where he is staying. He's had to have had some kind of shelter during the storm."

He's been spotted at shelters and that gives the family hope that he's had a hot meal and a place to sleep but it doesn't change the fact that their son is missing.

Steven has been visiting his dad and step mom for the past month and they just learned that he also has schizophrenia. Today, Lucy picked up some scents that prove Steven's been in the area in the last 24 hours. "This is a dog that is doing good on our trailing but she hasn't done any trailing. Urban is totally different for a dog, there's lots of different distractions," Clark said.

Crews plan to continue looking until Steven is found. "We've always got to keep a positive attitude and especially when we keep getting information such as last night when the father believes that he heard him say dad."

Steven hasn't had his medication in at least 10 days and the more time that passes, the more his family worries about his mental state. If you've seen Steven, call the Lufkin police department.