We're not waiting on FEMA

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deliveries are sorted out at the Nacogdoches public works central warehouse. Sheriff Thomas Kerss and county commissioner elect Jim Elder direct where commodities should go. Kerss notes, "Linn flat is ok on water. " Truckloads of food commodities are arriving throughout the day and night. Kerss knows, "We could not afford to set and wait for fema to bring us our supplies. "

The county had the foresight to order it. Kerss knows from experience.  " Nacogdoches County has a proven track record through the Columbia disaster and Hurricane Rita that we're not going to just set around and wait for the federal government to come meet our needs. We're going to take care of our own until they're ready to and capable of doing that, " explained Kerss.

Washington state apples arrived. They were ordered by Nacogdoches County and they'll soon be in the hands of Nacogdoches County residents. The orders are with jail commissaries and food vendors from as far away as Kansas. There's enough food to feed a quarter of a million county residents in need. Kerss said, " We've supplied enough resources to be able to provide at least two meals to those 25,000."

Hopefully, FEMA will reimburse the expenses. Fortunately, food supplies, refrigerated trucks and ice have been donated or offered at reduced cost by local vendors. Kerss said in a determined tone, " We're going to do whatever we have to take care of our citizens. "

The food is distributed at volunteer fire stations and exposition center. The focus is to serve those most in need. The poor and elderly who are still without power or can't afford to replace spoiled food. One Briarforest resident turned to the television camera and voluntarily said,   " Thank you, God Bless everybody who is doing this for us. Thank you. "