Storm Recovery: Areas South of Beaumont - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

09/18/08 - Southeast Texas

Storm Recovery: Areas South of Beaumont

East Texas News has learned the Mandatory Evacuation Order for Jefferson County is still in effect, however, residents are being allowed to return during daylight hours.

In areas south of Beaumont, like Fannet and Hampshire, there's still damage from flooding from Hurricane Ike.  Much of the flood water has receded, however, flooding remains a problem for Big HIll and surrounding areas. 

Emergency Operations personnel say there's no electricity and no drinkable water in Fannet and Hampshire, and the sewage pumps are being powered by generators.  Should residents return to the area and plan to stay overnight be prepared to be self-sufficient.  You'll need your own supplies, including drinkable water. 

Most of the areas are accessible by road.  There's no damage reports for individual homes. 

E-O-C officials say emergency workers hope to have things back up and running by September 26th.  The E-O-C number is 409-835-8757.

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