Business copes while the power is out

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -Jan Spears runs a business which has hundreds across the nation depending on her.    " Not the ideal situation. Fortunately we do have windows, " Spears said in a darkened hallway. She has to keep the operation going.    " This is a typical walk through. Because we got lighting our I-T person is working here, " said Spears while pointing to an office that's lit only by the sunlight coming in.

The home health care billing service is utilizing a couple of generators to keep not the lights on, but the computers running. Charlie Spears is in charge of keeping power going.  " Lot of cords and power and alternator equipment and just various things so not to max things out and keep us safe and run operations the best way we can." And quitting time comes,  " When it gets too dark for us to work in here, " laughed Spears.

More drastic measures are necessary. Employees with electricity are working from home computers. About 40 full time employees agreed to work part time. " And it's going to be really tough, " said one single mom. There's not enough room for everyone in the one building hooked up to generators. Spears said,  " The irony of this that we have clients in Houston who are working who've been through worst parts of the storm but they actually got business up and they're working live and wondering why we can't seem to get to that level here. "

The Spears have a unique situation in that their business works on two separate power grids.  In previous storms, one building would have power, while the other building wouldn't have power. They can now take bets as to which building will get power first. If it's any consolation the power trucks are in the area and others are without power too. Which can't come a day too soon for those without power.