Jack of the Week: Vincent Pervis

By Coleman Swierc

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -  S.F.A. running back Vincent Pervis never second guessed himself.

"When push comes to shove I would rather be there with my family during the tough times," Pervis says.

While millions were evacuating the gulf coast from Hurricane Ike, Pervis was going in.  "I am actually one of the few men in my family, so they really needed help with boarding up things and getting supplies," Pervis says.  "So I went down there to help the best I could."

Pervis' family did not leave Texas City and Pervis was on his way.

"It shows that he has real good character," S.F.A. wide receiver Brandon Scott says.  "And that he cares about his family, and no matter what, he will be there for them."

"I told them that I had an obligation to my family," Pervis says of addressing his team.  "My mom says she needs me, and like everyone says, family first."

Pervis never needed convincing to go back home.  But his teammates were a bit more cautious.

"I would not put my life on the line like that," Scott says.  "But I understand where he is coming from, he had to help his family out, and I understand that."

"They were all like what? Are you ok? Are you crazy?" Pervis says of his teammates.  "I am like no. There are just something's that you have to do."

Hurricane Ike has now past and Pervis is back to practice with a new found respect from the team.

"It has been a lot of ups and downs," Pervis says. "But overall it has made me a better person, and it is actually kind of fun."

Surviving the storm, Vincent Pervis is your Jack of the Week.