High School Hero - 8/20

Even High School Heroes aren't immune from a bit of anxiety during the first week of school. Darren Webb is a first time high school principal in Martinsville. Webb admits he had a few jitters before addressing students and faculty for the first time Monday as a high school principal. On his second day he's more at ease.

The principal stands before a class outlining his expectations of them. "So do the best you can. If it's a 100 grade, if it's a lower than that, if you've done your best, that's all we can ask," Webb tells them.

Webb is the former head basketball coach for the Martinsville Pirates. He's adjusting to his desk job, but knows clearly what he wants to achieve. "Provide a quality education for the students. Prepare them for the next level, whether it's college or work."

Webb calls the teachers the real high school heroes. Nevertheless, he graciously accepts the recognition. "A principal can be a hero to some students by giving them some guidance, maybe taking them under their wing at times."

Realistically, Webb knows the principal isn't always the most favorite person in everyone's book. Webb will follow his own advice and do his best.