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09/19/08 - Jasper

Storm Recovery: Jasper

News Release:

Jasper-Beth Jafari, Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator John Cornyn, R-TX, met Thursday with officials of the Jasper-Newton Electric Cooperative at Jasper- Newton-Sabine County EOC in Jasper, TX.  "We were delighted to meet with chief of staff Beth Jafari to answer questions about the extent of the damage to our electrical system from Hurricane Ike.

The meeting gave us an opportunity to thank the Senator and other public officials across Texas for their help in restoring power in Southeast Texas," said Mark Tamplin, General Manager of Jasper-Newton.  During Thursday's meeting, the J-N representatives shared technical information regarding the extent of the outages to their electrical system.

They discussed their plans for restoring power to the remaining homes and businesses that are still without power.  As of Thursday, they have restored power to 14,388 meters, and have 6,799 meters remaining to be restored.

Jasper-Newton is working closely with Entergy and other power suppliers to coordinate efforts to restore power.  "We want to compliment the Governor's Office, Sen. Cornyn's office, our co-op partners around the state and all the public officials who have worked tirelessly to help keep us staffed with crews, supplies and accommodations for our hardworking crews," said Tamplin.  "We want to express our thanks to all of our Jasper-Newton members for their patience and understanding as we work to restore power to our system."

For further updates on Jasper-Newton power restoration, please visit http://tinymce.moxiecode.cp/mce_temp_url.

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