Lufkin shelters consolidating, but not kicking anyone out

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin shelters are also still open, but are planning to consolidate as evacuees head out.

There are seven shelters open in Lufkin, with about 600 evacuees left.

But, as the number of people drop, the Red Cross will be closing shelters across the city.

The Civic Center in Lufkin, however, is a special needs shelter and officials there tell us they won't be closing until off of their patients are gone.

"We will stay open until we get them moved, that is our priority, to get them transportation home if possible and if not we will get them somewhere FEMA can support them," says Meredith Stanford, the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

Shelters in Lufkin will stay open for evacuees until FEMA can provide temporary housing.

For this event, State Officials say evacuees will be given $500 chips to pay for hotel/motel housing.